The last words of anyone are important but, when those last words come from a King and especially when they come from the King of Kings, one should take them seriously. The last instruction that Jesus gave His disciples was essentially one word – GO! That is and has always been the heartbeat of God. God sent His son – Jesus sent the Holy Spirit – He sends us – to a world that needs to hear the good news that there is purpose and hope in this world and the next. With that in mind, Gospel Centre takes missions seriously. At present, we are supporting five missionaries out of Canada in four different countries, as well as two ministries within Edmonton. We believe that those who have never heard need at least one opportunity to hear what we hear every week – that Jesus loves them. To that end, a healthy percentage of our income leaves our church to minister in various places around the globe.

Take a moment to familiarize yourselves with the missionaries on this page. Get to know what they do and where they do it. Pray that God will protect and provide for them. And give what you can financially.

Our Missionaries

Jeremy & Theresa Feller

FellersProfile – Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land of phenominal church growth. In the last 15 years, the Church has experienced explosive growth after coming out from under communist rule. Though persecution is a serious challenge, the Church of Christ continues to push against the forces of darkness. The gospel continues to open new people groups and areas to the light of Christ.

To meet the demands springing from this growth, Jeremy works in teaching and leadership development. With the great move of church planting, there is a desperate need for new local church leadership. He is traveling to various regions to give local church-based training.

Teresa works in teaching music and working with youth in an English church in Addis. She also teaches English in the church and in the community.

Country: Ethiopia


Prayer Request/Praise Report: The Lord has given a great harvest in Muslim areas. In the midst of this situation there is much persecution. In recent weeks there has been an area of intense persecution against our churches and church planters by a mass Islamic attack. Three church planters were killed and ore than 40 people were seriously wounded.  Pray for the church planters, church members and new converts in the midst of such heavy persecution.
The Lord has been opening many doors into unreached people and areas. Pray for more finances to work through all the doors the Lord has opened for us.


Elmer & Sherry Komant

KomantsProfile – Rwanda

The Komants have given themselves to the planting of an English speaking, multicultural church in Kigali, Rwanda. With the government allocation of 17.29 acres of land for the church’s development comes the privilege and responsibility of building a permanent church structure with relevant training and education programs – such as a training center for underprivileged, orphaned and ex-child soldiers, a day school and sports facility, as well as an AIDS counseling center that will contribute to the welfare of a needy society.

13 years later, Christian Life Assembly Kigali is a self supporting, thriving urban church with its own beautiful and functional church structure on its scenic property. Three local language branch churches have been planted. CLA partners with Wellspring Foundation in its primary and secondary schools, is in partnership with many for the completion and functioning of the Health and Wellness Centre, has designated space on the campus for leadership development training, has land to build a skills training school, and functions with Great Arms of Mercy.

We believe in ministering to the whole man with the love of Christ.

Country: Rwanda


Prayer Request/Praise Report: Pray for God’s direction and help as the Komants go through the present season of transition when this amazing church will be handed over to national leadership. Pray for national revival, and continued peace and healing for Rwanda.


Brian & Val Rutten

RuttensProfile – Ethiopia

Brian directs the work of the PAOC in Ethiopia. The work includes leadership training, church planting, prison ministries, missions. It also includes assisting the Ethiopian church to reach the unreached peoples of Ethiopia, as well as into North Africa and the Middle East.

Val operates the ChildCARE Plus program in Ethiopia that assists over 1,400 underprivileged families, most of whom have come to Christ. She also teaches regularly at the Pentecostal Training Centre and its extension schools and advises and counsels women in ministry.

Brian and Val also assist several orphange programs and rural school development programs connected to the church planting program. God is allowing these ministries to bear miraculous fruit as many hundreds of thousands are coming to faith.

Country: Ethiopia

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Christmas 2013 Update: Ruttens – Dec 2013 Update

Prayer Request/Praise Report: Pray for leaders of the rapidly growing Ethiopian church so that it can take its place as a leader in sending out missionaries to North Africa and beyond. Pray for a harvest of souls amongst the Muslim people in Ethiopia and these Islamic nations.


Alexey & Tonia Pankov

PankovsProfile – Russia

Alexey and Tonia (Hallden) Pankov are currently serving in Altai, a region in southern Siberia, as well as a new mission field for the PAOC. They are helping a local  church in the city of Gorno-Altaisk, running English classes in the community, and mainly working to train and develop strong leaders through Bible teaching and discipleship.

They have been doing this since March 2008 and are primarily focused on developing nationals throughout the Republic of Altai; helping them become the next generation of leaders in their communities. They work closely with the Russian Assemblies of God, as Emmanuel Church in Moscow is considered one of their ‘homes’ and has played a vital role in their journey to the mission field.

Their passions include helping people grow and mature in their spiritual walk, pouring into the lives of youth and students, and using English teaching as a tool for evangelism. They were married in June 2003 in Moscow, where they they had met one year earlier.  Tonia is originally from Saskatchewan and together they worked in Moscow for about five years before relocating to beautiful Altai. Update: Pankovs Aug 2012

Country: Russia



Christmas 2013 Update: Pankovs – Dec 2013 Update

Prayer Request/Praise Report:

Pray for:
* wisdom and direction
* Protection for us and for the local church
* Open doors to preach and teach
* Salvation of local people
* More local pastors and Christian leaders to be raised up
* Churches in each village to be planted
* Freedom of demonic influence in Altai Republic